India Hare (Lepus Nigricollis)

indian hare There are no true rabbits in India, only hares. The Indian hare is generally found in open bush country, often on the bank of the rivers. They are less numerous in forests. They ascend to some height. The hare is found in Kumaon at levels nearing 2400 m and are common in the Nilgiris and other South Indian hills ranges. Many hare live In the neighborhood of the villages. Here they become unclear feeders. During the hot weather, when grass is scanty, hares come to roadsides or even entre compounds to feed on the grass growing there. They are nocturnal but not exclusively so. They have many enemies such as foxes, mongooses and wild cats-even village stray dogs prey upon them. The hare is said to give birth to one or two young ones at the time between February and October.