Lion (Panthera Leo)

lion Lion is truly the king of the beasts. This is particularly so because of its majestic habits. The lion is an indolent lazy creature, not ever caring to hunt for its meal. This task has to be done by its queen or lioness, after which his lordship comes, knocks off the females and even children and has his fill, the others can wait.

Unlike tigers, lions hunt in packs consisting mostly of females. Lion packs are multi-males organizations where brother live peacefully rearing combined families and sometimes groups of 30 lions can be seen.

Today the Asiatic Lion is found only in the Gir forest of Gujarat. Gir forest was once within the territorial boundary of the erstwhile princely kingdom of Junagadh. Attempts to translocate the lion elsewhere in India have so far not proved to be successful. The mane of the lion around its throat is of great help to him in his fight with other animals. Tigers and lions are usually not found in the same jungle, though panthers can be found in the same jungle with tigers or lions.