Travel in India

Even though India is a developing country, it has advanced in many areas, one of them being tourism. Tourism in India is one of the fastest growing sectors and employs the largest number people. The country has a great history of more than 5000 years of civilizations. Temples, stupas, tombs, palaces, garden, different cultures, folk dances, classical dances and finally nature spot with National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries make the country a very interesting tourist attraction and destination.

India is well connected by international air and sea routes. Visas are required for entry. It is advisable to get hotel booking done in advance. New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are the four main metropolitan cities which are connected with several international cities by air. Other than these metro cities, Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Goa and Trivendrum are also connected with many cities of the world by air. From these places one can travel within India by air, rail or road. Group tours are arranged by well organized India tour operators.

Some adventure loving people travel India overland. Good repair and maintenance facilities are available but spare parts should be carried by owner of imported vehicles. Vehicles are driven on the left side of the road. You can directly contact either Optima Travels ( ) or many travel agencies outside India from where information could be obtained regarding routes, festivals, tourist centers, wild life areas etc but it is advisable to also consult the nearest Government of India tourist office.

Summers are severe in certain part of India. It would be better to avoid the months from April to July. Along the west coast and in north-eastern India the monsoon is severe in June and July. Winters are very cold in the Himalayan regions. In fact, September to March is the ideal period for visiting wildlife sanctuaries in India. Many of the wildlife sanctuaries like Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve remain closed for visitors from June to September. It is advisable while travelling in India to carry small quantities of personal medicines which one is normally used to. Excellent medical facilities are available in all cities in India. Rh factor and blood group should be noted down in the diary and so also a list of antibiotics that could cause allergies. Your India tour will be enjoyable and rewarding if you understand and respect the culture of the India people and display patience and tolerance. .