Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has 14 wildlife sanctuaries but does not have any National Park even though this is the biggest of the four southern states of India. The state does not have a well-developed wildlife tourism facility. But with the passage of time, broader awakening regarding long-term advantages of wildlife diversity, the state is making conscious efforts to catch up with other states of India.

Andhra Pradesh has a long coastline along the eastern coast of India and two important rivers namely Godavari and Krishna. It is mangrove forest along the estuaries and dry deciduous forest island. Extensive open scrub land stretches into the plateau. The state has one of the largest lagoons in south Asia, called the Pulicat Lake, having a verity of flora and fauna as well as migratory birds. Summers are hot and dry with temperature shooting up to 46 degree celcius, while winter temperature comes down to 8-10 degree celcius.